Victoria Ashworth

“I am a graduate of Fine Art and since graduating have been a self-employed practicing artist selling work, doing commissions and teaching. My inspiration comes from spending time amongst the buzzing city and discovering the hidden areas. I am fascinated by the continuing changes that take place and how the city is being used, abused and appreciated in different ways”.

Victoria Ashworth is an emerging artist from Cheshire. As a lover of rich materials, her work has an industrial yet delicate quality. She has exhibited around the country including shows in Manchester, Birmingham, Sheffield, Oxford and Leeds and has received excellent reviews. Victoria’s multi-media art encompasses images of old and new, with classic architecture juxtaposed against the modern vision. Spray paint, oils, acrylics, pencil, charcoal, collage and pen collide in Victoria’s work to form a rugged and graphic depiction of the environment that surrounds her.