Sharon Steingold

Painting is always at the heart of my practice although drawing will occasionally come to the fore and remain the focus for a short period of time. Both activities have had a different role to play in producing work but they are equally important in maintaining a fresh, diverse and robust practice.

A natural environment is both motivation and source and this lived experience is revealed through the act of making. Perceptions change as one moment synthesises with another and it is the cumulating effect of many experiences that emerge within a specific painting, not an impression from one viewpoint. The primary source might simply be a walk through an inspirational landscape, familiar or unfamiliar, where sights, sounds and sensations might be recorded visually through mark making.

During the creative process reality and imagination merge, memories become distant as the material process of exploration, manipulation and improvisation of paint (and paint mediums) becomes the driving force. The dialogue between the canvas and myself intensifies, particularly when problems emerge, as happens with every painting.

It is a physical and unpredictable way of working. Bold and confident actions can be closely followed by moments of uncertainty, and a more tentative application. Paint is applied, scraped off, and reapplied, resulting in a layered mesh of colour, alluding to the natural world. The groups of colours used on each painting are given consideration initially but intuition and instinct alter these choices as the work develops. It is a cyclical methodology, a process of thinking and doing,
reflection and decision-making. There is a sense of going in the right direction but a painting is held in the balance until its completion.

An exhibition provides the perfect arena for others to view the work, stimulate discussion and generate feedback. It gives me time to stop, analyse and reflect before making the next move.

I have exhibited in and around the Midlands many times over the years. I started my art education in Hinckley and North Warwickshire College in 1992 and completed it in Leicester in 2007.

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