Pat Ellacott

“I have drawn and painted all my life, influenced by my mother, a highly talented, professional artist. It is only in more recent years that I have had time to concentrate more fully on art, graduating in Fine Art at Lancaster University in 2005.

I work with a wide variety of media and materials, my preferred discipline being drawing. I love the immediacy and direct contact of it. My aim, in all my work, is to capture an essence rather than a photographic likeness. The hold of the head may characterise a person more forcefully than the facial features. Likewise, my larger, more abstract works are drawn from life, often from unremarkable objects in which I see an essential beauty. By playing with scale, space and materials, I can reveal this beauty.

I like to experiment with materials and let them do some of the work. I use pencil, pen and wash, crayons, graphite, pastel, acrylic, inks, pigment, linseed oil, collage and other textures, building up, polishing and erasing the surface.

My work is diverse: in 2003 I was Artist-in-Residence at the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra in Manchester, my degree dealt with issues of old age and, in 2009/10, I worked on on ‘the Bug Project’ which relates to insects and climate change. Alongside this, I enjoy painting animals and regularly draw from life.”  Pat Ellacott