Judith Orr

Judith has always loved taking photos and is noted for always having a camera at hand. After bringing up her two children she decided to indulge her passion for photography, enrolling on photography courses to enable herself to use a DSLR camera. The tutors inspired Judith to explore her creativity which led to the project seen at The Longtitude Gallery.

Judith’s chosen project, ‘Trees’, was to look at and photograph trees in a different way using light and motion to capture the images. The trees are within walking distance from her home, which is in the small north west village of Silverdale, taken in all four seasons of the year.

Judith also likes to photograph her dogs as they always willing models. She enjoys to capture them at play, running on a beach or portrait shoots, where a little treat always works.

Having  now discovered macro photography, which is probably going to be involved in her next project, Judith is very hopefully  to capture the images she have in mind.