Colin Taylor

As well as being a painter, Colin has nearly 30 years experience of climbing and working in the mountains. He was born in the East Midlands and studied Art and Drama at Trent Polytechnic, Nottingham in the mid-eighties. After a short time teaching C20 Art History, he moved to Manchester to work for The Guardian Newspaper eventually specialising in economic development and destination marketing.

Following a ‘road to Damascus’ moment in a Lake District cafe in the early 90s, he set up an indoor climbing centre in a disused church in the North West of England, a successful business that still runs today.

His experience of running a small business combined with those of an artist provided the context for ‘A short walk in the big landscape,’ a series of nine solo exhibitions that toured England in 2008/09 funded by the Arts Council.

In 2010, he was invited to undertake a year-long residency at Liverpool’s Anglican Cathedral which led to an exhibition of 30+ drawings and which later transferred to Cologne, Germany. In 2012 he had a solo exhibition in New York and this led to another similar project in Washington DC in May 2014.

He is currently nearing the end of a 4-year project with Bruntwood plc, the Manchester-based property developer, working on a series of ‘cityscapes,’ looking across the city skyline from a number of their properties.  He is also working on a series of drawings of the velodrome at the National Cycling Centre, also in Manchester.